Heidi Klemann, Yoga Teacher

Heidi started practicing yoga when she was a stressed out stay-at-home mom needing to get out of the house!  Having a serious dislike for working out or going to a gym, she decided to try a yoga class at Beatree Yoga in Richmond.  She was amazed at how good the practice felt, just like giving yourself a massage!  Heidi eventually started practicing more frequently and joined a teacher training group.  Life is now pulling Heidi into a more healing, spiritual direction and recently she’s found herself in Asheville, North Carolina, to study Kundalini Yoga with the radiant goddess, Sierra Hollister.  She’s also travelled to Bloomington, Indiana,  to study with Nikki Myers to lead Yoga and the 12 Steps of Recovery (y12sr) groups and to Washington DC to attend the National Kids Yoga Conference to receive her Kids Yoga Teacher Certification.   Heidi is also a licensed social studies educator  who is passionate about bringing more peace into our schools.
Heidi currently teaches Kundalini Yoga on Tuesday nights at Good Life Wellness and takes private appointments.  Heidi also facilitates y12sr groups and uses the yoga4classrooms program to teach social emotional learning in schools.