Amy Pardo

Amy Pardo

Meet Amy Pardo.  She is the newest member to join the Good Life Wellness team.  Amy was raised in Centerville, IN.  She started her college career in 1999 at Ball State University majoring in Music/Choir teaching.  She graduated in 2006 from Indiana University with her Bachelor’s degree having concentrations in Biology and Social Work.  Amy has always had a strong desire to help others as well as a thirst for knowledge. 

Amy has worked in the health care industry for over 17 years, in extended care facilities and home health.  She has earned several certifications and held many positions while in this field including Certified Nursing Assistant, Director of Social Services, Recreational Programming Director, Human Resources, Activities in a memory care unit and most recently has become a CPR instructor.  She has continued education in Alzheimer’s/Dementia care, Behavioral interventions and Art therapies.

Amy has been researching and training in various natural healing modalities for the last decade.  Her journey began when her child started having behavioral issues and was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety.  She experienced multiple failed interventions using various medications, her child experiencing adverse reactions to all of them.  Amy had witnessed similar incidents with clients over the years during her health care career.  She knew there had to be a another way.  She continued her search for answers and started studying any material she could find as well as signing up for various classes.

Amy’s experiences with these methods during this time have to lead to her intentions of one day authoring a book comparing and contrasting natural health and western medicine.  She is now certified as a Reiki master, an Integrated Energy Therapist, a Pet Energy Therapist and has been trained in TWTI self-healing, which combines a form of kinesiology with a detox protocol.  She has also attended several online and local courses/workshops/summits including herbalism, essential oils, angel healing, manifestation/vision board making, alternative Alzheimer’s and Cancer treatments, etc.  She is an ordained minister and offers counseling.  She is an essential oil distributor and she was a part of an international natural health think tank for the Ubuntu movement as well.  Through her experimentation and research, she has experienced many wonderful results and has a strong desire to share these with others.

Amy has been an avid wildlife and nature lover her whole life.   In her youth, she was in Girl Scouts and shadowed/volunteered at multiple animal hospitals, The Cope Environmental Center, and the Richmond Parks department.  She has spent most of her life taking in stray and displaced creatures of all kinds.  She has also been a long time advocate for human rights.  In her free time, she enjoys live music, outdoor activities, gardening, art conventions and travel.  She is passionate about the Nonviolent Communication Model, permaculture and self sustainable living. 

You can contact her at 765-960-6911 to schedule an appointment.